[App_rpt-users] Icom 706 Remote Base

Robert Poff wb3awj at comcast.net
Thu Feb 16 09:59:41 EST 2012

While I'm not using an 706, but a Syntor X with an XCAT here's the
related stuff in my rpt.conf
(gleaned mostly from an archived Tom Sawyer post that I found in a
Google search)

Yes, the CIV address is in decimal.

When I used to mess with my 706mkIIg with Ham Radio Deluxe, the
serial/CIV level converter 
I used needed to have one of the handshake leads forced on to power the
interface. I want to say DTR, but not sure.
If that's the case I also remember seeing a way to set a ttyS to do
that. But again, memory fails me as to the command (setserial ?).

functions = functions-remote
link_functions = functions-remote
memory = memory		; Section to hold memory entries (optional)
remote = xcat		; Radio Command format
			; 	remote=ft897 for Yaesu FT-897 or
			; 	remote=rbi for Doug Hall RBI1
			; 	remote=kenwood for Kenwood mobiles such as the TMG707A
			; 	remote=ic706 for the Icom IC-706	
			; 	remote=xcat for Syntor X with XCAT board
civaddr = 32		; CI-V address in DECIMAL
ioport = /dev/ttyS0	; Specify port for serial port (optional)
iospeed = 19200		; COMM port speed
dusbabek = yes		; Not sure what this is but it needs to be there
uthlevel = 0		; Remote base authentication level
			;	authlevel = 0 : Anyone can use it
			;	authlevel = 1 : Requires log in, Waits for Tx key to ask for it
			;	authlevel = 2 : Requires log in, asks for it automously
;mars = 1		; set=1 for IC-706 w/MARS mods (optional)
remote_inact_timeout=0	; Inactivity timer for remote base nodes only
(set to 0 to disable).
remote_timeout=5400	; Session time out for remote base. (set to 0 to
split2m = 600		; Set the default tx split to 600 KC

;          C=Channel Number
;          R=RX Frequency
;          P=PL Frequency
;          A=Attributes
;Attributes : a=AM   b=LSB  f=FM  u=USB
;             l=Low Power   m=Medium Power   h=High Power
;             -=Minus TX Offset    s=Simplex     +=Plus TX Offset
;             t=TX PL on    r=RX PL on
init=147.540,123.0,shrt	;Set to this on startup


Robert A. Poff
Loganville, PA

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