[App_rpt-users] Icom 706 Remote base working (somewhat)

K&R Yoksh yokshs at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 14:58:32 EST 2012


I've been struggling to find information about the remote base capability of 
app_rpt. I am positive that app_rpt is able to talk to the radio, but I 
can't seem to control the radio otherwise.

When I connect to the remote base node (2214), I hear the message "invalid 
frequency". If the radio is in Memory mode, it will switch to VFO A, but the 
frequency and mode are not changed.

I have not had much luck even learning the command syntax. I have read that 
a Remote base node will not respond to DTMF commands, so I have been issuing 
the DTMF commands to the connected node instead (rpt fun 2211 *717).

Google found some information for me, but this function also doesn't work 
when issued from connected node 2211:

       Set freq. VFO MMMMM*KKK*O   (Mhz digits, Khz digits, Offset)
      enter a freq like 443.675 + as *1443*675*1 (or 2 or 3)

Of course, I realize that the 706 has limitations with it's CI-v command 
set. PTT and changing power levels, for example, cannot be done via CI-v. 
I've been using CI-v to auto-tune my Icom rigs for satellite work for years.

I'd really like to get this working, and will post a how-to article on my 
web site once this is working.

Many thanks for any info. 73


--- snippet from rpt.conf ---

; Remote Base
;            authlevel=0 Disables all access control
;            authlevel=1 Enables access control, and waits for
;                key up before prompting for the access code
;            authlevel=2 Enables access control, and prompts for the
;                access code at the time of connection

remote=ic706                 ; Icom 706 remote base
ioport=/dev/ttyS0    ; serial port for CAT/CI-v data
iospeed=19200 ; COM port speed
dusbabek = yes                             ; wtf is this? serial port will 
not work without it
;mars = 0 ; set=1 for IC-706 w/MARS mods (optional)
;            address should be in decimal, not Hex as Icom uses. Icom
;                hex 58=decimal 88. hex 48=decimal 72
split2m = 600
split70cm = 5000
remote_inact_timeout=0 ; Specifies the amount of time without keying from 
the link. Set to 0 to disable

remote_timeout=0       ; Session time out for remote base. Set to 0 to 

0=remote,1                             ; Retrieve Memory
1=remote,2 ; Set freq. VFO MMMMM*KKK*O   (Mhz digits, Khz digits, Offset)
;                               enter a freq like 443.675 + as *1443*675*1 
(or 2 or 3)
2=remote,3                             ; Set tx PL tone    HHH*D*
3=remote,4                             ; Set rx PL tone    HHH*D*
40=remote,100                          ; Rx PL off
41=remote,101                          ; Rx PL on
42=remote,102                          ; Tx PL off
43=remote,103                          ; Tx PL on
44=remote,104                          ; Low Power
45=remote,105                          ; Medium Power
46=remote,106                          ; High Power
711=remote,107                         ; Bump -20
714=remote,108                         ; Bump -100
717=remote,109                         ; Bump -500
713=remote,110                         ; Bump +20
716=remote,111                         ; Bump +100
719=remote,112                         ; Bump +500
721=remote,113                         ; Scan - slow
724=remote,114                         ; Scan - quick
727=remote,115                         ; Scan - fast
723=remote,116                         ; Scan + slow
726=remote,117                         ; Scan + quick
729=remote,118                         ; Scan + fast
79=remote,119                          ; Tune (brief AM transmission for 
automatic antenna tuner)
51=remote,5                            ; Long status query
52=remote,140                          ; Short status query
67=remote,210                          ; Send a *
69=remote,211                          ; Send a #
; 91=remote,99,CALLSIGN,LICENSETAG      ; Remote base login.

; Define a different dtmf sequence for each user which is
; authorized to use the remote base to control access to it.
; For examble 9139583=remote,99,WB6NIL,G would grant access to
; the remote base and announce WB6NIL as being logged in.
; Another entry, 9148351=remote,99,WA6ZFT,E would grant access to
; the remote base and announce WA6ZFT as being logged in.
; When the remote base is disconnected from the originating node, the
; user will be logged out. The LICENSETAG parameter can be optionally 
; to enforce TX band limits.

;98=cop,6                              ; Remote base telephone key

; TX limits allow TX priveleges to be assigned to a particular license 
; In the example below, voice priveleges are assigned for US ham
; licensees for 40 meters through 10 meters.
; Each line contains a LICENSETAG  defined in a user log in command,
; an =, then a set of band limit ranges. Up to 40 ranges per entry may be 
T = 28.300-28.500
G = 
A = 
E = 

; Memories for remote bases
;          C=Channel Number
;          R=RX Frequency
;          P=PL Frequency
;          A=Attributes
;Attributes : a=AM   b=LSB  f=FM  u=USB
;             l=Low Power   m=Medium Power   h=High Power
;             -=Minus TX Offset    s=Simplex     +=Plus TX Offset
;             t=TX PL on    r=RX PL on
init=147.540,000.0,fs ;Set to this on startup
;init=147.540,123.0,shrt ;Set to this on startup
;init=147.540,s,f ;Set to this on startup
;      00 = 146.580,100.0,m
;      01 = 147.030,103.5,m+t
;02 = 147.240,103.5,m+t
;03 = 147.765,79.7,m-t
;04 = 146.460,100.0,m
;05 = 146.550,100.0,m

2214 = radio at,NONE,y        ; remote base definition

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