[App_rpt-users] Icom 706 Remote base working (somewhat)

Robert Poff wb3awj at comcast.net
Mon Feb 20 19:33:12 EST 2012

I've been doing my testing on mine by connecting with the IaxRpt client.
Have you tried that to see if it responds?
In my initial work, when I couldn't get it to play, I found a serial
tracker (one of those boxes with LEDs for each line) indispensable.

If you're sending DTMF from another node (call it node 1234), and that
node mutes the DTMF before it gets to the remote (1235), wouldn't you
to set up functions/macros on the calling node (1234) for remote
Something like this : 
010 = *41235*010# ; set remote to memory 10       (where the remote is
node 1235)

Question for others : What's the "common" way to pass commands to the

Can you call one of the memories defined in your rpt.conf?

Question for others: What is the source of the value that calls for the
'invalid frequency' message? Reported from the radio, or a trap in the
                                    The reason I ask, is my Syntor will
go to 162.550 (rx only) just fine, but I hear the error message return.

Is the CI-V address correct? You have 72 which equals 48h. On my
706mkIIg it's 58h (88 decimal  -default).  Just asking.
Tim, thanks for the dusabek comment, helps dispel some of the fog. .

Sorry for not being of more help. Strictly OJT here.....

Robert A. Poff
Loganville, PA

WB3AWJ - Allstar 27784
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