[App_rpt-users] local telemetry

Stephen Liggett steve10000 at comcast.net
Tue Feb 21 13:03:47 EST 2012

Maybe I am loosing my mind (you know how it gets when you are working on a project "too long" at one stretch). 

Anyway, last night I connected via my Mac to the WAN via 2125 to listen, using my web transceiver designated as W3RX.

I then went to my HT and via the repeater, brought up that same AllStar node 2125, using the repeater's node W3YT (28325).

All was well. I then hit the DTMF on the HT for a status report, which I assumed would send the status by LOCAL voice telemetry to the repeater node, so those listening could tell who we were connected to. To my surprise, I heard the telemetry message on the repeater AND on my web transceiver connected to the WAN. That does not seem right. I know that connect and disconnect telemetry is heard at the distant node, but I assumed that other telemetry (like status, or time) would not go further than local output to the repeater. 

Like I said, I could have been in a dazed state, but I did it twice with the same result. Is this supposed to happen? BTW, I use the AllStar/URI as a remote base input to a RC-1000v repeater controller (ie, I don't use AllStar as the controller as of now). Not sure if that matters. I just don't want the local telemetry, including some custom stuff that I have programmed, to push out distantly.

28325 (A) 
8676 (I)

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