[App_rpt-users] Use 2 nodes to link with repeaters

Tony Langdon, VK3JED vk3jed at vkradio.com
Tue Jan 3 15:42:09 EST 2012

At 07:16 AM 1/4/2012, Ron Morell wrote:

>So this is a mystery that I have not solved.  A 4 second receive on
>delay for the link over VoIP is a long time for the repeater users to
>work with.  Many replies and short conversations take less time.  This
>method of linking is not a real good one, but it is a portable solution
>for quick linking repeaters.  Is there something I am missing in the
>configurations that would shorten the link timing?

This is a problem best dealt with by hardware configuration.  The 
ideal fix is to bring the Internet up to the repeater sites and use 
AllStar as the controller.  That way, there is no hang time to 
propagate back into the network.  app_rpt is particularly well suited 
to this role, as it has all the necessary functionality built 
in.  You could alternatively connect the AllStar node to a link port 
on the existing controller, which has the advantage that if the 
AllStar box dies, you still have local repeater functionality.  The 
other advantage of having the node at the repeater is better audio quality. :)

You can successfully setup a link on the user frequency, but you need 
to take steps to ensure that the hang time is not seen by the node, 
such as using CTCSS gated by the receiver's COS.

73 de VK3JED / VK3IRL

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