[App_rpt-users] TK-840 service manual needed

Bob Brown - WØNQX bbrown at byrg.net
Thu Jan 5 23:01:43 EST 2012

here is some other connection info that will apply for the tk-840 as well

Thanks in Advance

   Bob Brown, WØNQX

   Kansas City Metro Area





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On Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 1:00 PM, pete M <petem001 at hotmail.com> wrote:

>   First of all, since its my first post in 2012, Happy New Year 2012 have
> some great DX and no problem with your repeaters!
>  Ok like the tittle say, I need the service manual of a Kenwood TK-840
> mobile.
>  I am in the process of building a homebrew dstar repeater, and I need
> some information on what signal is available on the KCT-19 accessory cable.
>  is it flat audio? is there a way to have flat audio? This radio will be
> the receiver part of the repeater, the transmitter will be a tk-860HG.
>  I have the programing cable and I’ve been able to program both radio in
> the ham band, and they are really stable..
>  Anyone can help?
>  And if someone knows a few info, like there is no flat audio output
> possible from those radio, please tell me so I wont loose time on those
> radio.
>  thanks
>  Pierre
>  VE2PF
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