[App_rpt-users] USB Soundcard Fob - no audio

George Csahanin george at dyb.com
Fri Jan 6 08:51:45 EST 2012

The flashing green light is a good sign.

That's reporting in as a CM108 for sure.

>From the source code:
#define C108_VENDOR_ID 0x0d8c
#define C108_PRODUCT_ID 0x000c

In usbradio.conf make sure that txmixa= and txmixb= something other than no

Example from one of my nodes:

txmixa=composite        ;no,voice,tone,composite,auxvoice

also try (from asterisk command line) "radio tune"

>From my 2360 node:
Tx Voice Level currently set to 350
Tx Tone Level currently set to 160...

If those are too low you might not get anything out.

ALSO...to transmit tone "radio tune txvoice" should put out a tone.

*80 (default setup) makes the thing ID, and if that isn't setup correctly 
might give you no audio.

Another point is that I no longer modify USB Fobs. The ones I use are 
identical to the ones in that pdf. But I use the PC's parallel port lines 
for COS in and PTT out, much neater.
I also do DC blocking (the caps) in the radio.

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> I'm working hard to get a basic AllStar system running, and struggling
> to find a suitable USB Fob to modify (trying to do it on a budget)
> I've been unable to get hold of the exact model shown in
> www.qsl.net/kb9mwr/projects/voip/usbfob-119.pdf, but now have several
> of a very similar one with the printed description 'Virtual 7.1Ch
> Sound' and a slightly translucent case.
> lsusb reports the device as 'ID 0d8c:000c C-Media Electronics, Inc.
> Audio Adapter.' which I think might be CM119 or similar.
> When plugged in the green led starts to flash, but I've not yet been
> able to get any audio out of it - even when running 'rpt fun <node>
> *80' from the Asterisk CLI
> I wanted to confirm this was a suitable fob before going to the grief
> of modifying - it's much more SMT than in the above PDF, and you can't
> actually access the pins on the chip itself as it's under a 'bubble'
> of a ceramic compound.
> Any advice would be gratefully received.
> -- 
> Jim M0HPJ.

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