[App_rpt-users] recent upgragdes to chan_voter

Tim Sawyer tim.sawyer at me.com
Sat Jan 7 23:18:47 EST 2012

Here are a few examples of the new voter priority CLI. 

voter prio instance site disable  ; (or -1) Makes site ineligible for voting
voter prio instance site off        ; (or -2) Remove any priority, make eligible
voter prio instance site 5          ; vote this site if there is any signal and no higher priority 
voter prio instance                   ; show priority of all sites

instance is the node number of the voter instance
site is the name (not case sensitive) as defined in voter.conf


On Jan 4, 2012, at 2:21 PM, Jim Duuuude wrote:

> The chan_voter channel driver that goes along with app_rpt has a couple of new
> features (current in SVN).
> The 'voter test' CLI command now takes an instance id and no longer supports
> modes < 0 (force vote for testing purposes). It still supports the 'torture' tests
> that have always existed.
> A config file parameter (on a client-by-client basis, in the client string specification)
> called 'prio=XXX' has been added. This allow specification of a default 'prio level'
> for the specified client.
> There is a new 'voter prio' CLI command. This specifies (or allows query of)
> a value to override the config-file specified 'priority level' for the specified
> voter client. 
> An effective priority level is calculated for each client, based upon the level specified
> in the config file, and the override level if specified from a CLI command.
> For a 'voting' (GPS-timing based) client, this allows 'groups' of clients with higher
> priority levels to be 'favored' over 'groups' of clients with lower priority levels
> when making the 'voting' decision. 
> For a 'non-voting' (non-GPS-timing based) client, it provides a means whereby
> if a signal is received from a 'non-voting' client with a priority > 1, the one with
> the highest priority 'takes over' the channel's audio (does not include the voted
> audio or other 'non-voting' clients not at this priority level). This could potentially
> be useful for implementing some sort of control station hierarchy or something of
> that nature.
> For either type of client, setting its priority to -1 make it ineligible for consideration
> (locks its out entirely).
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