[App_rpt-users] SyntorX w/ XCAT

Robert Poff wb3awj at comcast.net
Sun Jan 8 00:50:48 EST 2012

Thanks Tim, I suspected that but wasn't sure.

I've been playing with the radio on the workbench attached to an
Pretty nifty. I've always been more of a GE type though......
Haven't started the interfacing yet.

I have a junk control cable coming to scavenge the radio connector from.
Sort of thinking of building a mini-control head in the shell along with
the signals to/from the URI. 
That way I can keep the control group I now have for later projects.

This thing is going to on a Station Master (and actually cut for 2
meters) 200' up a tower where the ground height above average is about
Gonna be fun!
Robert A. Poff
Loganville, PA

WB3AWJ - Allstar 27784
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On Sat, 2012-01-07 at 16:41 -0800, Tim Sawyer wrote:

> You'll really like the XCAT/Syntor/Allstar set up. We have remote
> bases on 10, 6, 2 meters, and UHF. 
> Bring out the COS line to the URI. 

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