[App_rpt-users] Registration Fails

DougH specialq.que at ntlworld.com
Mon Jan 9 10:16:15 EST 2012

OK thank you Mark / Doug. Yes understand the port forwarding, probably did
not explain sufficiently but tried both machines separately. Anyway looks
like some other problem. Will play about some more. Been two or more years
since the nodes were up and I've forgotten most of this stuff. The machines
are both on and running asterisk but only one has 4569 forwarded.....why are
they both showing on the system I wonder. Back to the drawing board.

Your assist appreciated.

Doug - MM0BJA

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> They both seem to be online as far as the allstar registry is concerned...
> I do not think you can port forward 4569 to 2 different computers inside a
> firewall router unless you have 2 outside IP addresses.  From an IP
> perspective it is not a god plan if possible at all.. You need separate
> ports for them if you plan to need TWO computers, or run both repeaters on
> One computer.... at least as far as I have seen..
> Doug
> KD8B
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> My nodes 2253 and 27243 been down for some time. New modem / router
> installed. Have forwarded port 4569 to each asterik computer in turn, both
> fail. Get message that there is a registration problem and XIPRadio 
> reports
> no registration for peer 'gui' when attempting to connect.
> Connections are possible but inbound audio only.
> Found reference to registration failure indicating that 4569 may need to 
> be
> forced and to contact admin. The modem / router is a Netgear CG3101 'super
> hub'.
> Do the symptoms fit the problem and if so could 4569 be 'forced' please?
> Thank you,
> Doug - MM0BJA
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