[App_rpt-users] Registration Fails

Monty monty at ke7jvx.com
Mon Jan 9 10:17:37 EST 2012

Hi Doug,
Sounds like you do not have the [gui] user in your iax.conf. I don't have
the config in front of me right now, maybe someone can post.  You also need
to add a stanza to your extensions.conf.
On Jan 9, 2012 7:10 AM, "DougH" <specialq.que at ntlworld.com> wrote:

> My nodes 2253 and 27243 been down for some time. New modem / router
> installed. Have forwarded port 4569 to each asterik computer in turn, both
> fail. Get message that there is a registration problem and XIPRadio reports
> no registration for peer 'gui' when attempting to connect.
> Connections are possible but inbound audio only.
> Found reference to registration failure indicating that 4569 may need to
> be forced and to contact admin. The modem / router is a Netgear CG3101
> 'super hub'.
> Do the symptoms fit the problem and if so could 4569 be 'forced' please?
> Thank you,
> Doug - MM0BJA
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