[App_rpt-users] USB Sucks Yay! The Sequel!

Steve Gladden steve at michiganbroadband.com
Thu Jan 12 10:05:16 EST 2012

 My understanding is that you can use *any* digium FXO/FXS (and possibly a less expensive clone) card it will work well and skrew the piece of crap USB interfaces.
I further understand/think that it *MUST* be a two port card with both FXO and FXS present is this true?
Or can you somehow get away with a single port FXO or FXS card?
Single port cards are cost comparative to a ready made DRI USB which is --->>>>>*NOT*<<<<<--- production remote repeater site quality/capable and good only for testing experimenting etc.
Even if such a card is TWICE the price of a DMK URI..  This is the way to go for a production system..
Which is *ALL* that I would ever run at a site..
And home I'll still maybe d*** around with USB interfaces which truly suck with app_rpt in ALL of my testing I've done in 3 years.

Am I clear in this understanding?

Any suggestions on cards/Interfaces that work well?

Any that don't?? stick with Digium?

I should have asked this bundle of questions 2 years ago *sigh*

I realize newer boards will not have PCI slots..
"USB sucks + is unrealiable"

-->as I have been assured both through my own testing and the developers of app_rpt.

If you tell me you have a perfectly working sytem I'll have you do *my test* sit & listen locally at the system to the TX on continuously with PL encode and you *will* hear the audio pops & interruptions in the trasnmitted audio that I am confident are present in ALL usb installed systems :-).. but has been proven liveable for most.

If you absolutely have to go with USB for whatever reason beagleboard etc.. small low power controller
then it's time for a different controller if you require production/site performance & reliability.

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I thought i would get the server set up and then get the USB to radio interface.. what is the best and cheap one to buy.  I don't want to roll my own  as if everything works out well we will move the unit to the repeater site in the Spring. But for now  i was going to put it on a simplex node.   I just didn't want to buy the adapter then stuck with it with no way to configure the server..    for the time being i will hook it to the ft2600 yaesu ..

any thoughts on usb to radio interface?

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  1. Registartion failure -To those who assisted.... (DougH)


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....in my 'Registration Failure' question. Thank you.....situation has been
resolved due to a combination of your inputs.

Help much appreciated,

Doug - MM0BJA


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