[App_rpt-users] USB Sucks Yay! The Sequel!

Bob Brown - WØNQX bbrown at byrg.net
Thu Jan 12 12:34:44 EST 2012

I have to echo Doug on the sound FOB issue.

I have several systems up and running with both fobs and DMK devices have
had no issues with drop outs.
Now all use the same PC hardware,  HP D510SFF PCs and the Compaq
model under the EVO D510 label in our installations.(mainly cause they were
cheap and free.)

Both have no issues with motor boating or drops outs both work good last
long time.

Maybe you have hardware (PC) issues but to say the FOBs or DMK USB devices
have issues, is bunk.

Just my 2 cents

Thanks in Advance

   Bob Brown, WØNQX

   Kansas City Metro Area





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On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 9:49 AM, Doug Bade <kd8b at thebades.net> wrote:

>  I would have to say that the issue discussed with USB drops/pops/clicks
>  is NOT an issue that ”has to be”…  I use USB sound interfaces (CM108) for
> my D-Star repeater(s) running dstarrepeatercontroller software. One of my
> system production tests is to generate a dtmf character from my dstar
> portable and listen to the recovered dtmf on the far end. If you are
> familiar with AMBE and dtmf ** **
> ** **
> ** Snip **
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> ** **
>  My understanding is that you can use *any* digium FXO/FXS (and possibly
> a less expensive clone) card it will work well and skrew the piece of crap
> USB interfaces.
> I further understand/think that it *MUST* be a two port card with both FXO
> and FXS present is this true?
> Or can you somehow get away with a single port FXO or FXS card?****
> Single port cards are cost comparative to a ready made DRI USB which is
> --->>>>>*NOT*<<<<<--- production remote repeater site quality/capable and
> good only for testing experimenting etc.
> Even if such a card is TWICE the price of a DMK URI..  This is the way to
> go for a production system..
> Which is *ALL* that I would ever run at a site..
> And home I'll still maybe d*** around with USB interfaces which truly suck
> with app_rpt in ALL of my testing I've done in 3 years.
> Am I clear in this understanding?****
>  ****
> Any suggestions on cards/Interfaces that work well?****
> Any that don't?? stick with Digium?
> I should have asked this bundle of questions 2 years ago *sigh*****
>  ****
> I realize newer boards will not have PCI slots..
> "USB sucks + is unrealiable"****
> -->as I have been assured both through my own testing and the developers
> of app_rpt.****
> If you tell me you have a perfectly working sytem I'll have you do *my
> test* sit & listen locally at the system to the TX on continuously with PL
> encode and you *will* hear the audio pops & interruptions in the
> trasnmitted audio that I am confident are present in ALL usb installed
> systems :-).. but has been proven liveable for most.****
> If you absolutely have to go with USB for whatever reason beagleboard
> etc.. small low power controller
> then it's time for a different controller if you require production/site
> performance & reliability.****
>  ****
> ------------------------------
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> *Subject:* Re: [App_rpt-users] App_rpt-users Digest, Vol 35, Issue 20****
> I thought i would get the server set up and then get the USB to radio
> interface.. what is the best and cheap one to buy.  I don't want to roll my
> own  as if everything works out well we will move the unit to the repeater
> site in the Spring. But for now  i was going to put it on a simplex node.
> I just didn't want to buy the adapter then stuck with it with no way to
> configure the server..    for the time being i will hook it to the ft2600
> yaesu ..****
>  ****
> any thoughts on usb to radio interface?****
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