[App_rpt-users] Webtranceiver problems

Wayne Hale waynehale at mac.com
Mon Jan 16 01:34:22 EST 2012

Just purchased a new Windows 7 desktop PC but having problems getting 
webtranceiver to work with my Allstar remote base node.  From my HP 
laptop running the same version of Windows, same version of Firefox with 
Java extensions etc. the webtranceiver works perfectly.

 From my new desktop, same software, I can log into my account, the java 
applet starts, the software switches the radio to my default frequency, 
offset, and TX PL tone.  Unfortunately that is where it stops.  Although 
the screen "buttons" flash or blink when I go through the steps to log 
in, log in does in fact not happen.  There is no audio from the system 
telling me I've connected.  The ONLY button that seems to work is 
"Disconnect".  Clicking that button does in deed disconnect from the 
node, the frequency display goes blank.  I can click the Connect button 
again, it looks like connect is working but again, no audio or PTT even 
after doing the log in sequence.

I've compared the laptop Firefox extensions and additions to the desktop 
and loaded everything that looks like it might be an issue, java in 

This isn't exactly a node issue, the node works perfectly from my older 
desktop running WinXP SP3.

Anyone got any ideas or seen the same thing happen?

Node 28146

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