[App_rpt-users] Another webtranceiver oddity

Wayne Hale waynehale at mac.com
Mon Jan 16 14:02:35 EST 2012

Just for fun and grins, on my Windows 7 desktop that doesn't work 
properly with Webtranceiver, I launched Oracle's VM Virtual Box and 
opened a virtual machine running Linux Mint version 12.  Opened Firefox 
under Linux , logged into my Allstar Node and instantly got the audio 
feedback saying I was connected.  I then logged in with my node password 
and got audio confirmation that I was logged in.  I can enter macro 
commands to change frequencies and that works ok BUT the PTT button 
doesn't key the transmitter.  90% there in having a working node from 
the new PC even if I'm having to use a virtual machine to do it.

The virtual machine passes all I/O down to the Windows system resources 
then out to the network to control my node which leads me to wonder if 
it isn't some issue between various browsers and the java code in 
webtranceiver?  I've tried Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Google 
Chrome and even Safari.

Being a little more methodical today, it appears that all of the 
browsers under Win7 will actually log in to the node. The macros change 
frequencies and other parameters ok, you just don't get any audio either 
from the radio or system acknowledging you logged in, nor do you hear 
audio from the radio even if you unsquelch it.  The PTT does not work 
under any browser on my new PC.

What might be a clue is that under Linux, it is probably using a 
different version of the Java interpreter, at least the audio passes 
under that version although the transmit button (PTT) does not.

Wonder if anyone has Windows 7 professional version that does XP 
emulation and try running a browser under that and see if webtranceiver 
will work under xp emulation?  I have the home version and can't see 
laying out another 80 to upgrade to the pro version just to get XP 

Wayne W6IZK
node 28146

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