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Ken ke2n at cs.com
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That is a pretty broad question. Can you say what is it you WANT to do?


Your node can probably already be used as a "hub" node. This is a node which
has no Radio hardware associated with it whatsoever.  For that you need to
have port 4569 through the router.  Once you have done that, other nodes and
web transceiver users can connect to your node. I tried just now and it
failed. So I suppose you are missing the router setup.


Have you configured the system? (in your case I suppose simplex node for
half duplex operation). You do that from the "portal" or manually.

The portal has a server "setup wizard" that lets you configure everything
you need.  Have you done that?


After you have done that (and connected your radio) you need to set the
audio levels. See:




Then you get your hands on *another* radio (or HT) and talk to your node.
It will accept DTMF commands to read out information on the air or to
connect your  node to some other node. Then you are in business - you  can
work the world from your HT (among other things.)







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Hello, name is Larry here 28094 n3vsi. Looking for some help in getting my
allstar node up and running.


1. Have the acid cd already loaded. everything loaded find. port 222 forward
in router

2. have the URI 

3. have radio and cable for URI

4. have node # 28094

5. everything is hooked up and waiting


Thanks for any help.



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