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Tim Sawyer tim.sawyer at me.com
Wed Jan 18 22:03:14 EST 2012

The easiest way to start is to set up your node configuration on the Allstar site. First thing you do is login to https://allstarlink.org and go into account setting and make your profile a system operator. That will open up a whole bunch of new options on the web site which you can use to configure your server and node. Go thru all the options. Note that some options will get grayed out after changing one thing. You have to back out and come back in to the settings and you'll be able to change those things. 

Give that a try and let us know how you do. Then we'll figure out how to download the portal configuration to your computer. Normally the portal stuff is done first the you answer in the affirmative the question about downloading the confirmation during the ACID install. But I'm sure there is some way to download it after the fact. 

On Jan 18, 2012, at 3:49 PM, Larry wrote:

> Hello, name is Larry here 28094 n3vsi. Looking for some help in getting my allstar node up and running.
> 1. Have the acid cd already loaded. everything loaded find. port 222 forward in router
> 2. have the URI
> 3. have radio and cable for URI
> 4. have node # 28094
> 5. everything is hooked up and waiting
> Thanks for any help.
> Larry
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