[App_rpt-users] Slightly OT:U-Verse

Mark Cheavens mcheavens at usa.net
Fri Jan 20 18:14:43 EST 2012

I have U-Verse with static IP's at one of my locations. The "static" 
ip's are programmed and assigned by the "residential gateway". The 
service has been very stable and works great. Programming the gateway 
is a pain in the @$$.

You don't assign the devices a static, they MUST dhcp the static from 
the gateway. I was an early adopter of their static IP service and it 
was not fun to get the information from U-Verse when I did it. (they 
were clueless how to program it).


(BTW - Jim Reese had it at his old house, I don't know what he is using now.)

At 12:52 PM 1/20/2012, George Csahanin wrote:
>Hi everyone.
>I just decided teo re-arrange my TV/phone/Internet stuff, and 
>ordered AT&T Uverse, and was assured three times that I can keep my 
>present block of static IP addresses I have with my Business HSI 
>Elite-S DSL plan. I have read online many horror stories related to 
>this service and I'm curious if anyone out there in app_rpt land is 
>using the multiple static IP U-Verse service with APP_RPT or anything else.
>If it all works well the speed improvement will be pretty 
>significant up to 24MB down/3MB up. Present plan is 6MB down, 
>768KBPS up, and I run name mail and web servers and a VPN to another 
>house, plus node 2360.
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