[App_rpt-users] LOX/Pickle Help

John (WB5NFC) wb5nfc at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 22 23:43:58 EST 2012

I'm finally getting around to working on my Pickle/LOX/BeagleBoard setup once again after an extended absence. Finding bits and pieces of information at various locations, but nothing much in one spot. Has anyone aggregated info on a site I've not found yet?

What sort of enclosures are others using successfully for the BeagleBoard/Lox board combo?

I don't have a radio connected yet to either LOX port. When I log onĀ  to my Pickel node with the iaxRpt client, I hear the transmitter cycling every second or so. Guessing I may need to change some configs until I get RF connected, but not sure where to begin. 

Thanks for any suggestions. Lovin' this little beauty. Kudos for all who made it happen. 

John / WB5NFC
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