[App_rpt-users] new "transparent bridging" application (for those who might be interested)

Jim Duuuude telesistant at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 23 17:25:13 EST 2012

For those who might be interested:

I just added a new application to our distribution that allows for devices, such as a Voter/RTCM board
(and other hardware) to provide "transparent" transport of audio/keying.

Please the the comment section (from the source file):

/* This application is intended to provide a generic "bridging"
   functionality for radio-oriented Asterisk channels.

   The idea here is that certain radio applications lend themselves
   to needing a "generic" (passes audio and tx/rx keying completely
   transparently) to and from two or more endpoints.

   An example of such an appication might be replacing (or providing
   equivlent new functionaliy of) one or more full-duplex UHF control
   links with an IP-based one(s).

   app_radbridge allows multiple instances of radio-oriented channels
   transparently "bridged" together.

   The config file (radbridge.conf) allows specification of each
   "bridging" instance and what radio-oriented Asterisk channels
   are to be associated with it. There is no need for any other
   specificaiton of configuration.

   The file format for radbridge.conf departs somewhat from the standard
   usage (at least for radio stuff) of the Asterisk config file architecture.

   In most other radio-oriented cases, an instance of whatever it is
   gets defined as a "Stanza" in the config file. In this case, because
   of limitations in the way that Asterisk parses config files, that
   was not possible. Instead, all config information goes into the
   [general] stanza, and each line of config info defines a different
   instance of radio bridging.  For example:


instance1 = Voter/1234,Radio/5678
instance2 = Voter/1235,Radio/5679

    This example would define two radio bridging instances "instance1"
    and "instance2", each with 2 channels associated with them.

    The supported channel types are "Voter" (chan_voter), "Radio"
    (chan_usbradio), "SimpleUsb" (chan_simpleusb), and "Zap" ("Dahdi")
    (chan_dahdi, for the couple of devices that use this channel
    driver, such as the PCIRadio card, and separate analog channels
    using an ARIB board or such).

    Rather then "adding" (which would actually be a lot of *removing*
    optionally) this functionality in app_rpt, it made more sense to
    create a separate application specifically for this purpose. In
    addition, this allows for a system that is merely provided for
    doing this bridging application and nothing else radio-oriented,
    to not have to run app_rpt at all.


Jmi , WB6NIL

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