[App_rpt-users] GPIO fan control

Scott Weis kb2ear at kb2ear.net
Thu Jan 26 12:22:54 EST 2012

Seems like an awful lot of work when you can just use a thermal relay bolted
or thermal epoxied to the heat sink of whatever you are trying to cool. When
it gets warm it turns on and when it cools down it turns back off.

I use Digitkey part # 317-1094-ND on all of my repeaters.

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It should be possible to set a bit on the parallel port which follows PTT
with the events management system. 

see http://ohnosec.org/drupal/node/176

I've not tried this but something like this might work:

In rpt.conf
cop 62, PP03 = c|e|${RPT_TXKEYED}

A USB node would be needed with a PP03 = out0 in the chan config:
In simpleusb.conf or usbradio.conf
PP03 = out0


On Jan 25, 2012, at 8:20 PM, K&R Yoksh wrote:

> Hello all,
> I considered doing this on my nodes, but didn't want to have a relay or
fan wear out by cycling on each PTT. I tried using the
> connpgm and discpgm in rpt.conf to enable the fan during connections, and
disable afterwards, but it was not very effective.
> I'd really like to find a fan control script like what I used on
EchoIRLP... Something that activates by PTT, and keeps the fan going for X
seconds afterwards..
> I have multiple GPIO lines available on my parallel port, and still have
the fan control hardware that I built for my EchoIRLP station here. At this
> the fan is just running 24 x 7.
> Maybe someone can come up with such a script? My bash is pretty crude.
> 73
> Kyle
> K0KN
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>>> Has anyone used the GPIO lines on a URI to active a 12 volt DC fan when
>> the PTT is active?
>>> I have a friend that who wants to implement this on his All-star node to
>> keep his transmitter cool.
>>> I guess that we would need to use a relay with the GPIO line to protect
>> the URI?
>>> Any thoughts or suggestions?
>>> Marshall - ke6pcv
>> Marshall,
>> I had the same idea and I contacted David Kramer at DMK Engineering
>> of the URI).
>> He responded with this link on how to do exactly what you want;
>> http://www.dmkeng.com/images/GPIO_Relay.pdf
>> I tried it and it works great....
>> 73,
>> Neil
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