[App_rpt-users] GPIO fan control

K&R Yoksh yokshs at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 22:43:05 EST 2012

I forgot to mention that I've also had good luck assigning multiple Parallel 
port pins to PTT in usbradio.conf or simpleusb.conf, such as:

pp3 = ptt
pp4 = ptt

Again, I'd rather not cycle a relay with every PTT. I'd much prefer the fan 
run for 2 minutes or so after the last PTT, then shut off. That would save a 
lot of wear and tear on the fan and relay.

My setup is probably a bit unusual, as I have several transceivers cooled by 
one large fan.

It's occurred to me that I could always build a 555 timer circuit to use 
along with my fan control, but a software solution should be just as simple.

I guess I'll have to try to hack the TXFAN script I used on IRLP?



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