[App_rpt-users] GPIO fan control script now available

K&R Yoksh yokshs at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 21:41:04 EST 2012


I spent some time today modifying the fan control script TXFAN, and am happy 
to say that I've managed to
get it working under app_rpt. I'm sure that there is a more elegant way to 
accomplish this in software, but
as I mentioned before, I'm no programmer.

For those that are interested, this script is used to control a cooling fan 
via GPIO. I am using the parallel port, but I'm sure USB GPIO would also 
work. No modifications to node radios is required, and
because the fan is controlled via GPIO, the fan may be manually turned on or 
off via DTMF, macro, or

I am currently using this script with 3 RF nodes and a single large fan. Add 
the following to the events stanza for any/all of your RF nodes:

touch /etc/asterisk/~pttstate = s|t|RPT_TXKEYED
rm -f /etc/asterisk/~pttstate = s|f|RPT_TXKEYED

The script TXFAN runs in a background process, and will activate the fan 
after X seconds of transmitting. The fan will continue to run until X 
seconds after transmitting ceases.

The modified TXFAN script can be found at:

Sample GPIO control scripts are also available:


Kyle Yoksh
Olathe, KS
Allstar 2210-2219

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