[App_rpt-users] GPIO fan control script now available

Bryan D. Boyle bdboyle at bdboyle.com
Mon Jan 30 08:36:52 EST 2012

On 1/29/12 11:34 PM, K&R Yoksh wrote:
>> Thanks for the links and birddogging this.
> You're welcome, and thanks for the email.. The group didn't really seem
> to think that my idea was worth pursuing,
> but I did. It's always nice to hear when someone else benefits from it,
> too..

My motto (stolen happily from Lotus Cars founder Colin Chapman): 
"Simplify and add lightness".  We (using the pontifical "we") tend to 
complicate things (either through an inveterate drive to turn a simple 
problem into a complex engineering exercise or 'can't put it down...' 
nature)...another cliche is 'inside every complex engineering problem is 
a simple solution struggling to get out...'. Sometimes, it is not as 
complex, in the final analysis, as it seems.


(And, big props to Jim, Steve, and the rest of the contributors to the 
base code who have developed a SIMPLE way to interact with a complex 
system...that is the definition of elegant...)

>> (we really need a repository somewhere with people's scripts, etc to
>> share the collective knowledge...and it shouldn't fall on Duuuude or the
>> other folks..)
> I agree.. FWIW, I ended up putting a few more on my web page...
> Basically just
> my Random Allstar connect script and Random Echolink connect script.
> They are
> pretty crude, but they work.. I've been using them for a year or two..

I think I've posted my weather and wx alert scripts somewhere...and a 
couple are actually using them...;)  Yours is online out here on the 
east coast, I know KB2EAR has a repository for the nodename audio 
files...we have the start, anyway...

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You may quote me.

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