[App_rpt-users] Computers that work with this project

Jim Kehler kh2d at bellsouth.net
Mon Jan 30 11:47:09 EST 2012

I'm new to both Asterisk and Linux, but I've had the software running on a
few different boat anchors including a 10 year old Compaq Presario, a 10
year old Dell Dimension and an IBM T40 notebook. I'm currently using the
T40 notebook.

Linux seems to be a lot more resource friendly than Windows is, so you
don't need anything fancy to make it go; I think a basic install uses a
couple gigabytes of disk space and right now my notebooks is using
a whopping 62 MB of memory.

Our group is using a few Dell Optiplex 755 systems in both the small
form factor and ultra small form factor sizes and they work fine too.
You can pick those up on Ebay for less than a hundred bucks.

If it used to run Windows and it has an NIC card that works, it will
probably work fine.

Hope that helps.

73, Jim KH2D

On 1/30/2012 10:14 AM, Bradley Haney wrote:
> Looking for some different type's of computers for our project in 
> Central IL..
> will this type of server work  DL360-xeon30x2
> I figure for 100 bucks for server hardware it might not be a bad 
> choice..   I know my netbook didn't work with  CENTOS as it couldn't 
> work with the ethernet  built it but will server hardware work  or is 
> it more trouble than it's worth.
> Part #: 	*  DL360-XEON30X2-R*
> Part #: 	*  DL360-XEON30X2-R*
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