[App_rpt-users] GPIO fan control script now available

Marshall Oldham ke6pcv at cal-net.org
Mon Jan 30 12:59:18 EST 2012


Maybe I don't understand how things work as I am not a Linux power user by any means.

But can't documentation, information and scripts be posted on this website which was setup by the app_rpt creators? 


After all, isn't this site kind of the unofficial "Official" site for support? 

It would sure be nice to keep all this great information in one place.

Marshall - ke6pcv

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> On 1/30/12 11:50 AM, Jim Kehler wrote:
> > I'm new on the list as of last night. A couple of 
> questions. Where do 
> > you hide the scripts? And is it OK to post links on the list?
> Welcome to the collective.  We're a pentium borg.  You will be
> approximated...;)  Seriously, hop on and enjoy the ride.
> Hide as in where it is on your system, or where we're all 
> hiding the juicy stuff we've developed?
> The NJPAASTERISK group, of which I'm one of the operators, 
> have standardized on a scripts directory in the /etc/asterisk 
> hierarchy (well, most of us have anyway..) to make it easier 
> to backup the configuration and shorten deployment cycle 
> time.  Others put them in /etc or /usr/sbin or ???  Guess it 
> goes where you feel it should be. 
> Just be consistent.
> That means that, when you write something, you're pretty sure 
> of where it should reside, and makes it easier to find 
> 'stuff' that's directly applicable to your operation.  It 
> also means that, if you glom on to a script or app that 
> someone else has written, you have to do some editing to make 
> it work (pretty much standard when using others' works...) in 
> your operation.
> As to the latter question...well, that topic came up 
> yesterday, with no resolution.  I have a repository for my 
> weather scripts that I hacked/wrote/modified at 
> http://www.wb0yle.com/weather.htm, Kyle has some stuff on his 
> site...I'm sure others will chime in (hint, hint...) if they 
> have anything they'd like to make public...
> And, I don't think there is any blanket prohibition against 
> posting links.
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