[App_rpt-users] GPIO fan control script now available

Marshall Oldham ke6pcv at cal-net.org
Mon Jan 30 14:18:29 EST 2012


That is a very generous offer on your part, but wouldn't it be better to keep everything all in one place for folks to 
go use as a reference? Especially new allstar node owners? 

So, I will state this question again. Am I missing something? Why doesn't anyone want to use 
the official help site?  

If you go to the allstar.org webpage and click on the link that says "help" it will take you to the another page. 

If you click on "Links To Helpful Things Pertaining to this Technology" 

The first thing that comes up is "Asterisk/app_rpt project -- Lots of good documentation on the Asterisk app_rpt application"

You click on that link and it takes you to http://ohnosec.org/drupal/

So why can't documentation, information and scripts be posted on this website which was setup by the app_rpt creators? 

After all, isn't this site kind of the "Official" site for support? 

I don't think it's a good idea to have several fragmented websites with information when we already have the official one that is
pretty good. 
Having multiple websites will confuse new users on where to get information.   


Marshall - ke6pcv 

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>  > I'm sure others will chime in (hint, hint...)
> <-- Since allstarnode.com was designed to be a peer-to-peer 
> BB system for ALL flavors of AllStar builds, I can make 
> public FTP space available on there if it's needed/desired.
> Scott
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> On 1/30/2012 12:08 PM, Bryan D. Boyle wrote:
> > On 1/30/12 11:50 AM, Jim Kehler wrote:
> >> I'm new on the list as of last night. A couple of 
> questions. Where do 
> >> you hide the scripts? And is it OK to post links on the list?
> >
> > Welcome to the collective. We're a pentium borg. You will be 
> > approximated...;) Seriously, hop on and enjoy the ride.
> >
> > Hide as in where it is on your system, or where we're all 
> hiding the juicy stuff we've developed?
> >
> > The NJPAASTERISK group, of which I'm one of the operators, have 
> > standardized on a scripts directory in the /etc/asterisk hierarchy 
> > (well, most of us have anyway..) to make it easier to backup the 
> > configuration and shorten deployment cycle time. Others put 
> them in /etc or /usr/sbin or ??? Guess it goes where you feel 
> it should be. Just be consistent.
> >
> > That means that, when you write something, you're pretty 
> sure of where 
> > it should reside, and makes it easier to find 'stuff' 
> that's directly 
> > applicable to your operation. It also means that, if you 
> glom on to a 
> > script or app that someone else has written, you have to do 
> some editing to make it work (pretty much standard when using 
> others' works...) in your operation.
> >
> > As to the latter question...well, that topic came up 
> yesterday, with 
> > no resolution. I have a repository for my weather scripts that I 
> > hacked/wrote/modified at http://www.wb0yle.com/weather.htm,
> > Kyle has some stuff on his site...I'm sure others will 
> chime in (hint, 
> > hint...) if they have anything they'd like to make public...
> >
> > And, I don't think there is any blanket prohibition against 
> posting links.
> >
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