[App_rpt-users] getting started trouble

Scott Weis kb2ear at kb2ear.net
Tue Jan 31 17:30:01 EST 2012

This is a port forwarding issue. If you can connect out but not get connects inbound you need to check your ports.


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I've had a few email exchanges with Steve this afternoon.
I believe his trouble with the Web Transceiver is related to outside nodes not being able to connect inbound and stay connected.

>From my nodes, when I try to connect to his, I get a connect and an almost immediate disconnect with this message from the CLI:
[Jan 30 19:38:11] NOTICE[2583]: chan_iax2.c:4071 __auto_congest: Auto-congesting call due to slow response

However, he can connect to me and stayed connected for about twenty minutes, until he told it to disconnect.

If I ping the address I get from /tmp/rpt_extnodes-temp for his node I get quick response.
So he's registering. And receiving the rpt-extnodes-temp file.

He sent me the results from rpt stats 28325 and incoming connections are allowed.

He says the correct ports are forwarded in his router.

Any suggestions?

Robert A. Poff
Loganville, PA

WB3AWJ - Allstar 27784
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On Mon, 2012-01-30 at 13:41 -0500, Stephen Liggett wrote: 

I am transitioning our repeater from IRLP to ALLSTAR and I am having some trouble.
I installed ACID, and it went without any trouble. 
With the URI connected, the green light blinks. 
I can ping yahoo.com, and I have ports 4569 and 222 forwarded. 
As it stands, the node (28325, W3YT) shows up on the web transceiver in green, but nobody seems to be able to connect to it. 
nscheck.sh gives an output of Node 1, Node 2 are up, node 3, node 4 are down (whatever that means).
I do not have the repeater connected, but I assume that one should be able to connect to the node, regardless of whether there is anything connected to the URI.
It seems to me that I am missing something here. Can someone get me past this?
steve W3RX trustee for W3YT repeater IRLP 8676 Allstar 28325
PS Minor question, on my node info, I somehow never saw the chance to put in the freq, tone, and description of the repeater. Can that be done now?
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