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Scott Weis kb2ear at kb2ear.net
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Try tailmessages=rpt/NG8Y


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I am trying to get a tailmessage to work.  I have this in rpt.conf


;; The tailmessagetime,tailsquashedtime, and tailmessages need to be set

;; to support tail messages. They can be omitted otherwise.

tailmessagetime=300000                    ; Play a tail message every 5 mins

tailsquashedtime=30000                    ; If squashed by another user,

;;                                   try again after 30 seconds

tailmessages=NG8Y           ;list of messages to be played for tail message


I have the audio file saved in .pcm format and saved in var/lib/asterisk/rpt
with proper permissions.  I cant get it to play.  I have also tried to
specify tailmessage location still a no go 


Anybody have any ideas






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