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pete M petem001 at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 3 19:38:42 EST 2012

Like if I did not had enough to do , my club is talking about making a remote base, for the club members, that can’t have HF antenna at home, from our repeater site.. (large and tall building downtown Montreal) 

When I say I have enough, someone is asking me to take my homebrew dstar repeater full blown on a montain top with a msf5000 as the work horse..Now that will be fun... ;-). And the club members cant wait that I install the allstarlink link on our vhf and uhf repeater...

So About the remote base, since we will have a server with 2 node at the repeater site, why not use a third node for the remote base..

For the repeaters I am all ok, but for the remote base, now I am in search of information.

what would a user been able to do with a node setup as a remote base??

what radio would be a good fit for lets say 160 to 10 meter opearation??

Anyone with hand on experience can provide some good input? 

I had for some time my own remote base at home ( I travel a lot and like to operate from the hotel where I stay while traveling for work..)

But I am using HRD to remote control a IC-706MKIIG connected to a dual band V-U antenna on the high freq output and an DX-LB+ for the HF..
for transmiting audio I am using team speak running on vox on the radio side and I use a PTT at the computer side, its working ok, but I dont think this would be a good setup in a club...

Anyone can help a bit??


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