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Bryan D. Boyle bdboyle at bdboyle.com
Sun Mar 4 14:20:34 EST 2012

On 3/4/12 2:03 PM, Wayne Hale wrote:
> At least one solution
> I've seen uses two interface boxes that connect the faceplate of a
> radios such as a Yaesu FT-857 to the radio via the Internet, all
> functions available from the front panel then become available as the
> control panel is right in front of you while the radio is somewhere
> remote. Audio in both directions is passed and no computer interface is
> used. This negates of course the radio being able to be used by multiple
> users unless they each had a radio control head and some way to identify
> who was connected when.
> Wayne
> node 28146

I was thinking of how to do this; just pulled the trigger on a new 
TS480...and decided rather than try and figure out how to interface to 
asterisk, just plunked down the bucks to pick up the 'remote rig' 
interface boxes that are out there.  Nice thing about the remoterig 
setup is that, once you hook it up, it's available either via using a 
computer running HRD-II, the Kenwood remote software, or by plugging the 
480 faceplate into the remote box.  It does have a standard ethernet 
output, plus RS232 ports if the rig supports that way of going.

Couple folks I've talked to have even adapted them to wireless bridges 
to talk to MiFi personal hotspots (though you do have to watch the data 
consumption in this day of 'limited' unlimited data service.

A lot cleaner, albeit with the requirement to carry another small box 

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