[App_rpt-users] Multiple OS's on a Mac

ka2pbt ka2pbt at arrl.net
Tue Mar 13 14:58:18 EDT 2012

I don't doubt you could use a MAC for all the reasons stated .... I like
MACs ... wish I had one on my desk .. that said seems like an expensive
option ... when low cost surplus PCs work just fine.

PCs aren't bad .... its just the software you usually find on them that has
issues ;)

--> Rob

On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 6:36 PM, Wayne Hale <waynehale at mac.com> wrote:

> Newer Intel based Macs can very easily boot into other OS's, even natively
> without resorting to a virtual machine.
> Check out this link for installing Ubuntu Linux on a Mac.  Certainly not
> ACID but the same technique might work, I don't have a newer Mac myself to
> try it out. https://help.ubuntu.com/**community/MactelSupportTeam/**
> AppleIntelInstallation<https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MactelSupportTeam/AppleIntelInstallation>
> Article alludes to being able to dual or triple boot, MacOSX, Windows and
> Linux.
> Wayne Hale
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