[App_rpt-users] ACID on Mac Success

George Zolla gazolla at san.rr.com
Tue Mar 13 17:19:39 EDT 2012

I have successfully installed ACID on a Mac mini using Parallels Virtual Machine. It did not work with VMWare for some reason. My node is live - #28403. I have adjusted the IP address, opened my firewall and have connected to it with WebTranceiver. I have a URI connected but no radio for now. I am interested to see how well it works as a background application on the mini. I will test it tonight with some other nodes.

BTW - Thanks to Tim Sawyer for letting me know he has done this before on a Mac with Parrallels. And to Rob Roschewski for his help with VM an Linux. 

I will let you know how solid the system is with and without a radio as I experiment with it. 


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