[App_rpt-users] Simplex Radio Advice

George Zolla gazolla at san.rr.com
Sat Mar 24 13:38:48 EDT 2012

Within the last week I have set up an AllStar node and am very happy with it. When I installed it I had a DMG URI attached to the computer but no radio. I am ready to pick a radio and I would like to ask for your advice.  I already have a dual band HT but have no experience with base station or mobile radios.  AllStar system is going to be for home use and for other AllStar nodes to be able to access my local repeaters. I would like a mobile radio so that I can use it in emergencies in my car..  I want to have a simplex system.  I am considering the following radios:

Yaesu 2900 - single band (2M), simple, inexpensive but no data port. This is the simplest way to go and the microphone connector may be used to create a cable to connect to the URI.

Yaesu 7900 - dual band, data port with single TX/RX plus cross band repeater - simple, dual band  and has a data port.

Yaesu 8800 - dual band, data port, cross-band repeater, two RXs and one TX. I am leaning toward this model because as I understand it, I  can monitor AllStar through the secondary radio while I am using the main to talk locally. I could then switch the main to the AllStar connection if I desire. to talk there. However, the Yaesu documentation seems to indicate that anytime you are transmitting that signal goes through the data port.  I am not sure I want that. Does anyone use the Yaesu 8800 or 8900 for this purpose? If so could you let me know how it actually works?

Yaesu seems to be popular radio here, but I have heard that Kenwood and iCom are better radios but their price may be an inhibiter. I am open to recommendations for their models or even a used or discontinued model.

Thanks for your help from a newbie!

AllStar 28403
Echolink 674707

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