[App_rpt-users] Weather Script

Jeffrey S. Carrier jeff.carrier at rmsmsecurity.com
Wed Mar 28 01:59:36 EDT 2012

I have a Question for anyone who might be able to help.  I'm not sure
how many folks are using this.  I've set up the weather alert script on
two boxes and it seems to download the alerts just fine but when I run
it from the cron job in webmin I see this error:


getWxAlert: New Wx Alerts for COC043

getWxAlert: Get Wx Alert INFO for COC043: WARNING

getWxAlert: Get Wx Alert INFO for COC043: ADVISORY

getWxAlert: Launching playWxAlertBg...

/var/lib/asterisk/Weather/getWxAlert: line 316: /playWxAlertBg: No such
file or directory


So it never really puts the alerts out over the air automatically.


Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Thank you, 


K0JSC Jeff

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