Bradley Haney kc9gqr at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 08:24:04 EDT 2012

Good morning  everyone.

I would like to thank everyone for the help i have got from this email
group..  all the reading i have done is going to turn our repeater
into a power house.  1 request i have gotton from our group is that
they would like to have a response back  if the echolink node they
tried to dial is not available or didn't go through like it does on  a
normal echolink box.   So if John tries to call joe  using the
*33xxxxxxx  and lets says joe is busy or the call doesn't go through
he hits to many numbers  etc.. he would get a response back on saying
  node not available or failed..     did i miss something in the set


for adding a SIP phone like my droid,  instead of going through the
sip.allstar  way  i would like to directly connect to my box.    I
have the SIP.conf set up and my phone registers  but not sure what
else to set up to be able to dial to my rptr node to be able to
monitor the repeater  and ...

Thanks guys..

PS..  ALLSTAR BOX project box been running solid no crashes since the
beginning 4 months ago..   Take that microsoft  :)

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