[App_rpt-users] Technically possible?

Alan Adamson adamson_alan at hotmail.com
Fri May 11 21:04:37 EDT 2012

I have searched high and low and yet haven't found much good information for
what I'm about to ask.  I hope this mail list might help with that.

I'm about to dive into AllStar and all its associated parts.  BUT, I'd like
to know if what I'm thinking makes sense, and that there isn't a more
preferred way of doing it?

I have a wide area coverage (for Atlanta anyway) 440 ham repeater, it's
currently a Master II converted.  I'm about to replace it with an NXDN Icom
440 repeater (digital, but it will continue to run in mixed mode as well).
I'd like to be able to connect it to AllStar, or other VOIP services (yes,
like IRLP, maybe Echo, and who knows maybe someday D-Star).

Now don't get all excited, I'm not about to think that I can do that
*digitally*.  All audio will be analog either decoded or about to be

Secondly, I'd like to *remote* all the services to my house and host them
from there, instead of at the repeater site.  It does have internet, but
it's remote, not readily accessible, etc.

So, is the following feasible, desired, are the better ways to do what I'm

a) take the analog audio input/output at the repeater and put it into either
a URI with a fanless PC install of AllStar, or a PicoNode with Pickle and
b) put the other services (ala, IRLP, Echo, etc) at my house with a
dedicated PC setup with URI's and another install of AllStar (ok, Asterisk
and it's associated radio parts)
c) connect all that together with IP and the appropriate setups to allow
links to be created, torn down.

NOTE: I didn't say anything about any form of *external controller*, other
than the Unix boxes and their AllStar installs.  I'm hoping I won't need one
and will just use the NXDN repeater and its internal controller for what is
needed at the repeater.

If I did the above, what issues will occur when you link the repeater to oh
say IRLP via an IP connection between two AllStar nodes?  Will there be any
issues with DTMF, tail crashes, courtesy tones, etc.  Either not being there
or being there when they shouldn't be?

Lastly is it possible to add a simplex radio to the home node such that it
will connect me to the repeater, or other services (again over and IP link)?

Sheesh, I get confused just trying to explain this.. I've looked all over to
try and find some similar examples of this, I'm sure they exist, but it
appears that either I'm not entering the right Google search phrases or they
aren't too well documented.

Any help, advice, steering, etc welcome.

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