[App_rpt-users] Technically possible?

Ramesh Dhami (VA3UV) Ramesh at va3uv.com
Fri May 11 21:11:25 EDT 2012

Hi Alan;

A mixed mode FM / D-STAR repeater is quite feasible! - if you connect to 
Allstar node 2200 you will be cross-connected to D-STAR reflector XRF005A.

The FREE STAR* team offers a solution, where you can leverage an 
existing app_rpt installation and add an open source D-STAR (FREE STAR*) 
solution on top.

You can use a separate sound fob or GMSK modem board, etc., then with an 
external multiplexer switch between DV and FM mode into a common (true 
FM) repeater.

Please contact me off-list for further info.

Thanks to Jim, Steve and others for providing a superb FM platform!



On 11/05/2012 9:04 PM, Alan Adamson wrote:
> I have searched high and low and yet haven't found much good information
> for what I'm about to ask. I hope this mail list might help with that.
> I'm about to dive into AllStar and allitsassociated parts. BUT, I'd like
> to knowifwhatI'mthinkingmakessense, and that there isn't a more
> preferred way of doing it?
> I have a wide area coverage (for Atlanta anyway) 440 ham repeater, it's
> currently a Master II converted. I'm about to replace it with an NXDN
> Icom 440 repeater (digital, but it will continue to run in mixed mode as
> well). I'd like to be able to connect it to AllStar, or other VOIP
> services (yes, like IRLP, maybe Echo, andwhoknows maybe someday D-Star).
> Now don't get all excited, I'm not about to think that I can do that
> *digitally*.All audio will be analog either decoded or about to be encoded.
> Secondly, I'd like to *remote* all the services to my house and host
> them from there, instead of at the repeater site. It does have internet,
> but it's remote, not readilyaccessible, etc.
> So, is the following feasible, desired, are the better ways to do what
> I'm thinking?
> a) take the analog audio input/output at the repeater and put it into
> either a URI with a fanless PC install of AllStar, or a PicoNode with
> Pickle and LOX.
> b) put the other services (ala, IRLP, Echo, etc) at my house with a
> dedicated PC setup with URI's and another install of AllStar (ok,
> Asterisk and it'sassociatedradio parts)
> c) connect all that together with IP and the appropriate setups to allow
> links to be created, torn down.
> NOTE:I didn't say anything about any form of *external controller*,
> other than the Unix boxes and their AllStar installs. I’m hoping I won't
> need one and will just use the NXDN repeater anditsinternal controller
> for what is needed at the repeater.
> If I did the above, what issues will occur when you link the repeater to
> oh say IRLP via an IP connection between two AllStar nodes? Will there
> be any issues with DTMF, tail crashes, courtesy tones, etc.Either not
> being there or being there when they shouldn't be?
> Lastly is itpossible to add a simplex radio to the home node such that
> it will connect me to the repeater, or other services(again over and IP
> link)?
> Sheesh, I get confused just trying to explain this…. I've looked all
> over to try and find some similar examples of this, I'm sure they exist,
> but it appears that either I'm not entering the right Google search
> phrases or they aren't too well documented.
> Any help, advice, steering, etc welcome…
> Thanks,
> Alan
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