[App_rpt-users] [possibly OT] AllStar registration

Giuseppe Marullo giuseppe at marullo.it
Sat May 12 13:24:51 EDT 2012

On 5/12/2012 5:58 PM, Tim Sawyer wrote:
> Yes, the registration process can be very frustrating. Please explain "nothing works".
> --
> Tim
> :wq
Tim, thanks for your answer. Here it is:

1) Tried to register. I filled all the fields.
2) Received a confirmation email on my address. Title "Welcome to 
AllStar Link Networks"
3) Copied and pasted the link I received to confirm into a browser
4) Received the following on the page:

  Account activation

  * Token does not exist / Account is already activated

5) Tried to login on the home page. Received:
Callsign or password is invalid

6) Tried to recover password. Received:

  Forgot Password

  * Invalid email address
  * Invalid username

7) Tried to contact the administrator for the validation process. No 
reply after several days. Tried to send email on most of the addresses 
on the contact page. No dice.

8) Tim, you are my point 8

Giuseppe Marullo

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