[App_rpt-users] adding extensions to acid all-star repeater

Bradley Haney kc9gqr at gmail.com
Sat May 19 10:19:32 EDT 2012

Hello all.. 

Been looking through the old forums and trying to get a handle on how to add  SIP extensions to my all-star box.  We are currently running acid distro on our repeater and using the allstarlink auto patch service.   I would like to be able to add a few sip extensions   so when i am on my cell phone i can connect to the repeater and listen or dial  my wife who is a ham on a different extension and ring her phone.   The extensions do not have to have  "outside access" for the auto patch as the extensions would be used for internal communication to and from the repeater or to and from other extensions i add .  Example  extension 123 (which would be a sip client) be able to dial 28079 which is the repeater.  or  a person on the repeater  be able to dial  extension 123 and have the sip client ring.  I have a static ip address so i know that won't be a problem,  just a little confused on how to add everything in the  config files.   Does anyone by  chance have a good working example they could share?  I would try the other distro  but everyone like the web trans idea instead of using echo link  :)    

Thanks for any help i could get..

allstar node 28079

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