[App_rpt-users] Server Configuration issue

Doug Bade kd8b at thebades.net
Tue May 22 00:17:56 EDT 2012

     I have 3 servers listed under my callsign KD8B, but one ( Median) 
has not been commissioned awaiting rural broadband install... I need to 
commission it and while I can see it in the web interface list, when I 
try to run the install config script, that server does not appear in the 
install script list. My other 2 do.. I do not see how to delete it.. I 
have looked at it and it appears to be configured correctly with a 
repeater configured albeit maybe incomplete.. Would this repeater config 
maybe influence it?or possibly stop it from appearing in the install 
list?or is this an issue because I configured it a couple years ago and 
never set it up??

I can make a new server .. but do not know how to delete the other. help??


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