[App_rpt-users] Where to start?

Alan Adamson adamson_alan at hotmail.com
Tue May 22 10:45:06 EDT 2012

I finally got my IRLP node fully functional, now it's time to move on to
allstar, etc.

BUT I'm totally stuck.  I tried to install Xipar and it's built on such an
old linux platform  that it won't work on my current hardware (Atom based
motherboard).  so I decided to try the ACID install just to see where that
gets me and I can't do that either - A) because I don't want to put a CD on
my Atom board, and B) even though I have a bootable usb stick with ACID on
it, about half way through the install it wants to go back to a cdrom to get
a file :(.  And to make matters worse, the dl.allstarlink.org site is MIA in
the etherverse.

so as a last ditch effort, I decided to try a manual install. Well, good
luck with that, I can't find any good information on doing it the hard way.
And the one site that I did find needs a file again from dl.allstarlink.org.

So.. Let me try this again with some people who may really know what's going

I know I can get all my hardware up with a current debian install and some
ALSA driver changes for the motherboard audio.  From that, how can I install
the software such that I can get on the allstar link network?  I already
have registration information from allstar.

Or as a fall back, does anyone have a copy of the files.tar.gz file that
would normally reside on the dl.allstarlink.org site?  Or know what happened
to that site?

I know this is probably like trying to solder 0402 SMT parts with a 70W
soldering torch, but I need some direction to get me headed in. I've got
lots o linux experience, just none as it relates to this ROIP stuff.

Thanks in advance, any suggestions welcome.

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