[App_rpt-users] Where to start ?

Ron ron at morell.us
Tue May 22 11:43:12 EDT 2012

I'm running node 28174 on an Atom processor in an Acer Aspire One booting  
from a USB stick.  I disconnected the hard drives on another computer, used  
the ACID CD to install on the USB, then booted the Acer from the USB.   
Thanks to udev all the hardware changes were handled without issues.
Ron KA7U

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I finally got my IRLP node fully functional, now it's time to move on to
allstar, etc.

BUT I'm totally stuck.  I tried to install Xipar and it's built on such an
old linux platform  that it won't work on my current hardware (Atom based
motherboard).  so I decided to try the ACID install just to see where that
gets me and I can't do that either - A) because I don't want to put a CD on
my Atom board, and B) even though I have a bootable usb stick with ACID on
it, about half way through the install it wants to go back to a cdrom to get
a file :(.  And to make matters worse, the dl.allstarlink.org site is MIA in
the etherverse.

so as a last ditch effort, I decided to try a manual install. Well, good
luck with that, I can't find any good information on doing it the hard way.
And the one site that I did find needs a file again from dl.allstarlink.org.

So.. Let me try this again with some people who may really know what's going

I know I can get all my hardware up with a current debian install and some
ALSA driver changes for the motherboard audio.  From that, how can I install
the software such that I can get on the allstar link network?  I already
have registration information from allstar.

Or as a fall back, does anyone have a copy of the files.tar.gz file that
would normally reside on the dl.allstarlink.org site?  Or know what happened
to that site?

I know this is probably like trying to solder 0402 SMT parts with a 70W
soldering torch, but I need some direction to get me headed in. I've got
lots o linux experience, just none as it relates to this ROIP stuff.

Thanks in advance, any suggestions welcome.


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