[App_rpt-users] Where to start ?

Alan Adamson adamson_alan at hotmail.com
Tue May 22 18:46:23 EDT 2012

Yep, verified that the allstar port is forwarded... I only forwarded udp, do
I need to also forward tcp?

Hmm, are there any simple tests that I can run to verify this installation
(besides) the nodes list on allstar?


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On 5/22/2012 4:34 PM, Alan Adamson wrote:

> If I don't make any progress here, I'm going to nix a debian install and
> the ACID from something that will install it. hmm, I must have some little
> something not quite right. gonna go reboot my router just to make sure
> forwarding is functional
> Alan

You do have the port open and routed for Allstar, right? Just asking...

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