[App_rpt-users] EchoLink

Alan Adamson adamson_alan at hotmail.com
Wed May 23 08:34:11 EDT 2012

So, learning to run before I can walk :).  With my newfound enthusiasm and a
debian install.  I wanted to test out functionality figured an easy way was
to see about getting EchoLink working as well.

So I added the echolink.conf file, made the changes for my specific EchoLink
node and restarted.  However I get all these errors about not being able to
connect to their servers, header information not being correct, etc.  

I did some scanning and found that others have experiences the same thing.
Anyone have this working on a recent install?

Second, is there some type of *echo* conference bridge or *reflector* (Sorry
for the use of the term, but it's appropriate). I need some way to test
audio without being live on the air, etc?

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