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Kirk Just Kirk wb6egr at gmail.com
Thu May 24 16:34:28 EDT 2012

There were quite a few of us that attended the VoIP "Conference" in Las
Vegas, Nevada that is hosted by the NARRI group. This year it was moved to
Reno to go along with EMCOMM. Personally I don't think that was a smart
We have had Demos/Workshops/Video presentations there with Jim WB6NIL.
Steve/WB9STH and my self (WB6EGR) brought several demo boxes, ones using
laptops,ITX boards and last year I brought a Beagle/Lox setup. Hopefully
"Get Togethers" like this will continue...

Ever since Dave Cameron got his panties in a wad about Allstar emulating
IRLP and threatened to kick us all off his system (it was cutting into his
selling $170 obsolete boards) MANY systems have completely dumped IRLP in
favor of Allstar.Even a complete "Appliance Operator" can see WHY thats a
"No Brainer". It was like throwing gasoline on the campfire,everyone saw
the effect. No more "Peeking/Poking" that LPT1 port (that no machine after
2006 has)

While a "Nationwide" GTG is hard to plan and execute, local ones are easy
to do. Maybe Kent/W7AOR will again host something like this in Las Vegas
(as it's a fun place to visit).Vegas is NOT a easy drive for Central
California, but some can find deeply discounted airfare to/from Vegas. Food
for thought.....


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