[App_rpt-users] courtesy tone issue when linked

Sione Ragle ke6sth at ke6sth.ampr.org
Thu May 24 23:44:40 EDT 2012

I am struggling trying to figure this out.

I have 2 repeaters on the same box, and each one of the have a unique 
courtesy tone. But when I link them, they loose that courtesy tone and 
start using remotetx which makes it so both repeaters have the same CT. 
So I went in to the rpt.conf file and under the nodes I change 
"telemetry=telemetry1" for node 1 and "telemetry=telemetry2" for node 2.
Then under "[telemetry1]" I define a diffrent remotetx ct. but that did 
not work. It seems that the line "telemetry=telemetry1" does not work.


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