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Kirk Just Kirk wb6egr at gmail.com
Mon May 28 16:22:23 EDT 2012

First off this is just my 2 cents.....
Linking to a repeater, ESPECIALLY with a SIMPLEX link is begging for
trouble. While your "Link" is transmitting no one can access or control the
"RPTR". Linking on the input to anything is just wrong....
So whats the answer?
FULL DUPLEX linking from your node to the site on 420Mhz or 927Mhz.
Accomplished VERY easy with a pair of Motorola Maxtracs/GE-MVP/ETC....
You can put both on 927Mhz and use a Fiplex duplexer (the size of your
fist).All of this sits on a rack shelf very easy. Simply wire in the RCVR
at the site so it looks like another RCVR, the Transmitter as a AUX
transmitter, in parallel with the existing downlink TX. Now when your link
comes up, it keys the repeater but doesnt render the input useless.Add some
simple logic (if your controller doesnt have it already) to disable the
link.USE DPL ON THE LINKS! You wont hear it and crap that could hit the
RCVR at the site when your end is off the air wont bring up the repeater.
OK..you got the basics.Use the Allstar telemetry so you can figure out
where the traffic is coming in.Try to NOT use radios like
Alinco,Yaesu,Kenwood,Icom as they have crap for a front end and they don't
do well in extended keydowns. The Motorola and GE stuff is so much better
for that kind of duty.....


On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 10:00 AM, Bryan D. Boyle <bdboyle at bdboyle.com>wrote:

> A local repeater club to me has a site which is inaccessible via the
> internet (too far from the CO in route distance for DSL, and fiber
> bypassed them...and the cable company wants someone's first born to run
> a coax up the hill...) but, would still like, on an occasional basis, to
> join my machines to their net for emcomm practice (I drop off the
> network I'm usually on due to various reasons when the nets start up
> there...).
> So, I'm thinking that a simplex node on my current configuration, with
> the proper split frequency, might be an/the answer.  IOW, it's listening
> on their transmit, I transmit back to them on their receive.  Simple,
> standard arrangement.  FWIW, it's an alinco DR135, so I can derive the
> COR and PTT nicely from the rear connector, so that shouldn't be a
> problem.
> So...thinking about how to build the configuration?  Not really clear
> what the values I should have in usbradio.conf or rpt.conf to enable this.
> Of course, I'll script the connection/disconnection to sequence dropping
> off the big net first, joining the simplex to the remote repeater, and
> reverse, but was just wondering what the proper values were to put in
> the config files...
> Grateful for any guidance.  I know this seems like a basic question,
> but, for some reason I've a processing block on this right now...
> tnx 73
> Bryan WB0YLE
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