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Joe Wigal w8jtw at yahoo.com
Mon May 28 17:56:25 EDT 2012

I have the same issue on the 27891 node   I run a 440 repeater at a site that does not have Internet access. The main repeater is a pair of Kenwood commercial radios.  I run a Micro Computer concepts controller on the main repeater and use the Link Port with a Maxtrac as a link radio. It is about a 3 mile mile hop from my Home QTH where the node to the repeater tower site.  The node is just a Maxtrac and it runs simplex up and simplex down.  It is a simplex hop to the repeater site. Yes i am doing it all on 440 band  The repeater doesnt mind ( desense) I have a 3rd UHF link frequency there is 200 feet of vertical separation from the repeater antenna to the link antenna which is a 6 element yagi point toward my house.  
The only disadvantage to this is RF control back thru the link so you can shut the link down. I have a 3 minute external override in case the transmitter sticks at the node it will shut down the transmit. I dont worry as much about shutting down the node i can Shell into it and control it at anytime.  I always have control of the main MCC/ kenwood repeater this way and if all else fails the time out timers will shut everything down.  

This gives me the ability to unlink the main repeater for the MCC controller and just run the node as simplex if i want to do some testing or not tie up a large area with the higher profile repeater.  

However a better solution would be to duplex the node essentially make it a repeater that way you have a receiver at the repeater always listening and at the node at all times.   Better description  repeater pair at the node site 444.xxx  449xxx .    Mactrac on the link side of your main repeater listening on that pair and your main repeater 443.xxx 448.xxx.  Yes it takes alot more equipment to do this and you tie up 2 repeater pairs. But it works alot better.  I buddy of mine ran a IRLP node this way a few years ago. Duplexed Node frequencies with a Link Communications RLC-3 controller at the main repeater site.  This fed 4 linked repeaters on the same controller with 1 IRLP node.

I better yet solution 

--- On Mon, 5/28/12, Bryan D. Boyle <bdboyle at bdboyle.com> wrote:

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> Subject: [App_rpt-users] Simplex link
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> Date: Monday, May 28, 2012, 4:00 PM
> A local repeater club to me has a
> site which is inaccessible via the
> internet (too far from the CO in route distance for DSL, and
> fiber
> bypassed them...and the cable company wants someone's first
> born to run
> a coax up the hill...) but, would still like, on an
> occasional basis, to
> join my machines to their net for emcomm practice (I drop
> off the
> network I'm usually on due to various reasons when the nets
> start up
> there...).
> So, I'm thinking that a simplex node on my current
> configuration, with
> the proper split frequency, might be an/the answer. 
> IOW, it's listening
> on their transmit, I transmit back to them on their
> receive.  Simple,
> standard arrangement.  FWIW, it's an alinco DR135, so I
> can derive the
> COR and PTT nicely from the rear connector, so that
> shouldn't be a
> problem.
> So...thinking about how to build the configuration? 
> Not really clear
> what the values I should have in usbradio.conf or rpt.conf
> to enable this.
> Of course, I'll script the connection/disconnection to
> sequence dropping
> off the big net first, joining the simplex to the remote
> repeater, and
> reverse, but was just wondering what the proper values were
> to put in
> the config files...
> Grateful for any guidance.  I know this seems like a
> basic question,
> but, for some reason I've a processing block on this right
> now...
> tnx 73
> Bryan WB0YLE
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