[App_rpt-users] My dumb question of the day

Alan Adamson adamson_alan at hotmail.com
Mon May 28 20:45:01 EDT 2012

So how do you connect your Allstar node to your Echolink node - when you are
behind a firewall.

For example. my external ip address is 24.xx.xx.xx (a public address to the
internet world).  my allstar server which has my echolink node on it, it on
a private address of 192.168.xx.xx.  There is a Nat between the 2.  When I
try to connect my allstar node on the same server to my echolink node, I get
a connection failed because it tried to connect to the 24.xx.xx.xx address
which it can't see.  

I'll go see if my router has the ability to spoof that address as some do.
I can't believe I'm the only one that might have experienced this problem.
Just curious how others have remedied it.

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